Tattu – Leeds

Ok so I've been wanting to visit this place since it opened a few months ago but with exams and a lack of student finance lining my pocket it was impossible. Needless to say it's now september and my pockets feel nicely lined (thank you Student Finance.gov).  I was all up in the reveal pictures … Continue reading Tattu – Leeds


Kaspa’s Desserts

We were lucky enough to be invited to Kaspas for desserts. With so many sub-standard dessert places local to us, expectations weren't set high. To our delight, on entry we found Kaspa's to be quite busy yet the staff were still patient and very friendly. Kaspa's is a newly opened dessert restaurant in Leeds, tucked … Continue reading Kaspa’s Desserts


Cona, a tucked away restaurant in Little Germany, Bradford: This unique little restaurant is 100% Halal, serving no alcohol at all. The restaurant is quite small and in what I found to be an odd location. The perks of this however is ample parking. On this occasion we decided to go for lunch and it … Continue reading Cona